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Raytown Reads

When I was elected President of the Raytown Garden Club in 2017, I needed to establish the club's theme for the next two years and to also come up with a President's Project. The theme I chose was

"Plant A Seed For The Future."

The project needed to be something that would benefit the community, and that the entire club could participate in.

The term ‘planting a seed’ can be taken literally, as in planting seeds for flowers and vegetables, but it can also be taken figuratively, as in taking small steps to encourage future growth of our precious resources. 

Our most precious resource is children. They are the future of gardening. To make informed decisions as gardeners and stewards of the earth, they need to be able to read. To that end, my President’s Project focuses on encouraging literacy. My project is called: Plant a Seed, so Raytown Reads, or Raytown Reads for short.



Little Libraries

In Raytown, Missouri, Rotary International established two Little Libraries in city parks. Keeping them stocked proved to be an ongoing challenge. Raytown Garden Club stepped in to help with our Raytown Reads program. Every club meeting, members bring books to stock the Little Libraries with. Our members all appreciate the importance of plentiful reading material for all ages, and are generous.

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